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Fisher Capital Management Warning News- 8 Relationship Myths that Might be Happening to You

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You might be experiencing relationship myths that do not really contribute to a having a good relationship with your partner. Here are a few eye-openers fromFisher Capital Management to help you understand your partner and your relationship better.
Myth 1: You do not need to work hard to establish a good relationship. Having a good relationship will need both parties to do a lot of hard work. A clinical psychologist compares a relationship to a garden. It has to be nurtured by both parties to make them happy.
Myth 2: Partners who are in love understand the feelings and needs of each other. Your partner knows what you want and how you feel if you speak out. Constant communication is the key to understanding your partner.
Myth 3: Passion will never fade if you are madly in love. Romantic movies and books express that genuine love initiate passion. However, as partners are accustomed to their routines, passion gradually diminishes. Fisher Capital Management suggests you put creativity and playfulness to keep the passion burning.
Myth 4: You need to have a child to strengthen your marriage. Partners need to discuss and plan ahead when having a child. This should be partnered with responsibility. They must know how to strengthen the relationship especially that a child binds the union.
Myth 5: When you are jealous, you truly love and care for your partner. A good partner never finds ways to have his mate jealous. Jealousy is insecurity which can be healed when you reassure your partner that he is the only one in your life.
Myth 6: A relationship is ruined because of fights. Good fights help partners establish what they want for each other. Resolve the dispute with solutions to understand your partner better.
Myth 7: Your partner must change to make a successful relationship. To make the relationship work, partners need to change for each other. Learn to accept for what he/she is if you want to show your love and respect for him.
Myth 8: Your relationship is in trouble if you undergo couples therapy. Couples therapy does not mean your relationship is in trouble. Discussions with a counselor help resolve problems. This gives you a better view of your partner and your relationship.

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