Monday, August 15, 2011

Fisher Capital Management News: Steve Jobs, Apple sets new “space ship” City of Cupertino campus

FCM news article
Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled plans for a new headquarters for the company? looks a bit like a spaceship? Council meeting in Cupertino, Calif., his trademark black turtleneck Tuesday.In, jeans and gray New Balance running shoes, Jobs said at a meeting of the new building would prevent 12,000 people, and even your house plant.Apple stream of green energy? The current headquarters is only about 2,800 people, said Jobs, according to a report posted by a YouTube video of their live.? We? I almost 12,000 people in the area? He said the Cupertino. ? So are we? Re lease the buildings? Buildings are not very good, either? increasing the radius of our campus and we? re put the people. And it? Obviously, we need to build a new university.? The new facility, such as Apple’s built-in set is about 150 hectares, the tech giant, which owns the street, said the current headquarters.Jobs Apple? The plan would involve demolition of buildings now on the ground and the construction of a new ring-shaped building had four floors, four-floor parking underneath.In process, the project would increase the landscaping area of ​​about 80%, only about 20% of trees, plants and grass now he said.On Monday, Jobs on stage in San Francisco, which Apple? icloud new service with the company? ‘S Worldwide Developers Conference. Public appearances this week as the two jobs are rare this year, Apple’s founder has been a medical leave since January. He also announced the second iPhone March at the Apple event.? It? There is a bit like a spaceship landed on? Jobs said it planned to install. ? It? There is a circle, and so on? S bend all the way around. As you know, if you build things, it’s not the cheapest way to build something. There is? It is not a straight piece of glass in that building, then? All bent.? And we? Have used our experience in making retail stores all over the world today, and we know how the pieces of glass for architectural use in the world.? The proposed campus would not be? trust in Cupertino? s energy into electrical energy. Instead of going on-site power in half.? I think we are? You go to the end, the energy center of our primary energy source because we can produce energy with natural gas and other cleaner and cheaper ways to use the network, and if we backup? Jobs said. ? We think it makes more sense.? The Mayor Gilbert Wong said in a statement that Cupertino is happy that Apple is moving to a new campus, the idea of ​​the former city of the 2006th? If Apple puts his plans later this year, we know we look at the state-of-the-art facilities and all the challenges and opportunities that go with it? Wong said.The new Apple campus review process is the same as any other construction project in which environmental impact assessment, air quality, traffic and other issues, he said.? The project will the city council for approval in autumn 2012? Wong said. ? Once approved, Apple may be building. Construction will follow and Apple and wait for the new urban university completed the 2015th

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